Drinking Straw
Drinking Straw


Drinking Straw


Capacity: MOQ: 10,000pcs/min

Straw Diameter: 5mm - 12mm

Straw Length: Adjustable (200mm-230mm)

Packaging: Plastic or Paper

Biodegradable Drinking Straw

Straws are highly demanded nowadays. A huge number of individuals utilize expendable straws each day: some think that it's crucial for drinking in a hurry while others just appreciate the solace of tasting their beverages at the bar with straw. Numerous individuals take a straw to guarantee they won't manage possibly messy surfaces of their cups or glasses. Different people like serving the table or gatherings with these things. Also, obviously, there are individuals who need drinking straws due to medical issues. Are you considering furnishing yourself and your family with the adequate grace of 100% biodegradable straws? Or are you trying to make your business more eco-accommodating and find an alternative to plastic items? Get in touch with us and request 100%  biodegradable straws now!

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